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How it works

Sindle is primarily an analytics company. Our aim is to leverage powerful language processing, combined with behavioural analysis, to satisfy unique use cases for organizations and communities. We don't want to just be another SaaS company, we want to take the real problems that people face and solve them with advanced technology. You won't find any to-do lists here.

We decided to create several integrations that each solve unique problems. Our first complete integration, Slack, deals with the dilemma many companies and organizations have faced during the pandemic: how to make sure all members of my community are feeling welcomed and included without the clarity of an in-person interaction.

It does this by tracking the three major data points of virtual conversation:

1. Engagement: How much a member is interacting with other members.

2. Activity: How often a member is participating in conversations.

3. Mood: How a member's mood is portrayed during conversation.

Through these data points and many others, we take a complicated analysis and present it in an easily legible format on our dashboard. Figure out who your ‘Champions‘ are with the top posters. Look at what who isn't posting as much and why they're not being represented. Properly analyse how new employees adjust when they join the company. You can even check what the overall mood of your community is like, or if an individual member isn't doing so well. The use cases are infinite, and we hope you'll find a use for Sindle that we haven't thought of.

We hope you can utilize this valuable information to make sure all of your community are participating, and ultimately, feel good working remotely.

If you skim-read this, we totally understand. We'd still like if you started using Sindle. There's a one-month free trial, so there's no reason not to.


Dylan Curran, CEO